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UFPA Venues

UFPA is more than just one building.

Not sure which venue to go to for your event? Your event’s venue, date, and time, as well as your seating information can be found printed on your ticket, if you have already received it. Click here to see the locations of these items on your ticket. For further details, click on your event from the main event listing page or simply call the Box Office at 352-392-ARTS (2787).

Phillips Center

The Phillips Center is a versatile venue that does it all. On any given night you can see a Broadway show, music ensembles, or a public figure telling their life’s story. With a 1700+ seat theater flanked by two reception foyers and ample refreshments available, this building houses everything you need for an entertaining and enlightening experience.

Other event spaces within the Phillips Center include: the Fackler Foyers (East and West), UpStage at the Phillips Center and the Squitieri Studio Theatre.

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Squitieri Studio Theatre

Every show in the Squitieri Studio Theatre is a new experience. The design of the black box theatre allows for great flexibility in seating arrangement, lighting, and performance. This venue plays host to everything from live music to experimental theatre. With a 200-seat capacity, the Squitieri allows you to be in close proximity to the artists no matter where you are seated.

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UpStage at the Phillips Center

UpStage brings performers and audiences literally onto the Phillips Center Main Stage; you enter through the Phillips Center lobby and walk through the theatre directly onto the stage. We transform our stage into a jazz club atmosphere with tables, chairs, appetizers, and a cash bar. The venue seats up to 180, tickets are general admission, and every seat provides a great view of the performance.

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University Auditorium

Stepping into the University Auditorium can be a little startling at first. Its immaculate hammerbeam ceiling and towering pipe organ make you feel as though you’ve journeyed into the 19th century. The magnificent acoustics and impressive surroundings make way for exciting performances, where you’re likely to catch chamber ensembles and world music acts, among others.

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Baughman Center

The Baughman Center is a stunning, elegant contemplation space in the heart of the University of Florida campus. Designed to bring the picturesque outdoor setting inside, the soaring windows and delicate natural materials echo the serene Florida surroundings. There’s no question why this is considered one of the most beautiful, peaceful spots in Gainesville.

The Baughman Center is open to the public for private contemplation on weekdays. It also frequently hosts private events such as weddings and memorial services.

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