Greetings | University of Florida Performing Arts welcomes you! If you have any questions about visiting one of our venues, please contact the Box Office at 800-905-2787 or the UFPA administrative offices at 352-392-1900.

BOX OFFICE 352.392.2787


Questions about tickets?

Please contact the Phillips Center Box Office at (352) 392-ARTS.

When do the doors open?

Theater doors open 30 minutes prior to performance time and lobby doors open two hours prior.

Where do I park?

UFPA offers parking for performances at each of its venues:

  • University Auditorium: Parking is available on the University of Florida campus at Union Road off SW 13th Street (200 yards from the auditorium) and in the parking garage at Newell Drive and Museum Road off SW 13th Street (400 yards from the auditorium). Please plan to arrive early.
  • UFPA offers the Gotcha Ride Shuttle a free parking shuttle service for all UFPA-presented performances at University Auditorium. Shuttles run one hour prior to the start of the event, and for 30 minutes following the end of the performance. The Gotcha Ride parking shuttle runs along Newell Drive and Museum Road, with drop off at the west entrance of University Auditorium. Please visit our Venues page for parking maps and other information.
  • Baughman Center: Parking is available near the administration building adjacent to the Baughman Center on Lake Alice. Parking is limited and restricted to Baughman Center patrons and guests only. UF decals are not honored. One-hour passes are issued at the Baughman Center administration office. Parking passes are not required for weddings or wedding rehearsals, which are held during hours not regulated by campus parking restrictions. Parking for patrons with disabilities is available on the north side of the parking lot. Please heed posted signs in any University of Florida parking area; UFPA cannot waive parking citations.
  • Click here for information regarding ADA-accessible parking.


Where can I find information regarding those with special needs?

Please click here to learn about all of our services for those with special needs.

Can children attend UFPA shows?

UFPA is proud to present several events that children will love as much as adults. Each child, regardless of age, must have a ticket and be able to sit quietly in their seat throughout the performance. Children unable to do so, along with the adult accompanying them, will be asked to leave the hall. Child-in-lap tickets may be purchased for children ages two and under for $10 for many UFPA-presented performances.

What if I’m late to a performance?

Late arrivals are distracting to the artists and fellow audience members. Patrons who arrive late will not be seated until there is an appropriate time for the ushers to do so. Please be aware that this may result in missing a portion of the performance. This policy is handled in accordance with contractually binding artists’ preferences. Please allow ample time for travel and parking prior to an event. Lobby doors open two hours and theater doors open 30 minutes prior to performance times.

Please note: The box office will not issue refunds for missed or partially missed performances. Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to an event’s published start time.

How should I dress for a UFPA performance?

There is no set dress code for performances at any of UFPA’s venues. The dress code among patrons varies from jeans to suits and gowns. Admittance will be denied to anyone not wearing a shirt and shoes; other than that, we suggest you dress in what you find comfortable. When in doubt about what to wear, business casual is a good choice.

If I can’t use my tickets, can I get a refund?

UFPA policy prohibits refunds on tickets, except in the case of an event cancellation or date change. If you are unable to attend a UFPA-presented event, you may donate your ticket(s) to the box office, thus allowing another patron(s) to purchase them and enjoy the performance. The ticket(s) must have been purchased at the Phillips Center Box Office or via UFPA’s website* and must be returned to the box office at least 24 hours prior to the performance. You will be given a receipt for the value of the ticket(s). This amount may be eligible for a charitable contribution income tax deduction when you file your annual tax return.

Can I exchange my tickets?

Tickets purchased from the Phillips Center Box Office or via UFPA’s website for any UFPA-presented event may be exchanged for another UFPA-presented event during the same season, for a $5 transaction fee. Exchanges are available up to 24 hours before the performance, in person only at the Phillips Center Box Office. If the exchange is for a higher-priced ticket, you are responsible for the difference in cost. If the exchange is for a lower-priced ticket, the difference may qualify as a tax deductible donation to UFPA. Lost or misplaced tickets cannot be exchanged.

*Please note: Tickets purchased through third-party ticketing sites are not eligible for ticket refunds or exchanges.

What is will call?

Will call is the term used for tickets purchased in advance that are picked up just prior to the performance. There is a sign above one of the box office windows at the Phillips Center designating it as the will call only line. If you are picking up your tickets from will call, this is the line you’ll need to be in. If you are buying tickets, you will need to use the regular (non-will call) windows.

Can I bring my camera or recording device to a performance?

Cameras and recording devices are not permitted in the performance halls. Patrons with these items will be asked to check them at the reception office in the lobby or return items to their vehicles. Violators of this policy are subject to removal and will be required to erase/delete any recorded material or photographs. Please remember to turn off all mobile phones and devices, pagers and electronic watch alarms before entering the theater.

Please note: Texting during performances is not permitted.

Are backpacks or large bags allowed in UFPA venues for performances?

Backpacks and large bags are not permitted in the performance halls. Please leave them in your vehicle. If you choose to check these items, UFPA cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur. You are also welcome to check your coat, hat, umbrella or other items at the reception office.

When should I clap?

Generally speaking, seasoned audiences applaud at the end of an entire work. In the case of a concerto, for example, applaud at the very end after all the movements have been performed, rather than between movements or after a cadenza. In a performance of a full symphony or a string quartet, applaud at the end of the entire work, rather than between movements. In a song recital, note that the performer often groups songs together and will finish the entire group before expecting applause.

Remember that enthusiastic applause is certainly appropriate is you enjoyed the performance, but applause can also be appropriate if a performance wasn’t to your liking. Realizing that the artists and performers typically put their heart and soul into their performances might make it easier to applaud politely even if a particular composition is not to your particular taste.

Can I eat and drink in the performance hall?

Food and drink are not allowed in any UFPA venue.

What is a pre-performance or post-performance discussion?

Pre- and post-performance discussions are an opportunity for our audience members to learn more about a particular artist or performance. Pre-performance discussions are usually held 45 minutes prior to the performance start time. Post-performance discussions are held immediately following the show. Not all performances will have pre- or post-performance discussions. Information about pre and/or post-performance discussions will be included in pre-performance emails to ticket buyers.  To join the list, contact the box office at 352-392-2787.

I left something at the theater. How do I get it back?

Please contact UFPA the business day following a performance to inquire about lost items. For the Phillips Center, call 352-273-2457; for the University Auditorium, call 352-392-2346; for the Baughman Center call 352-294-0049.

What happens if I lose my tickets?

Tickets purchased from the Phillips Center Box Office can be reprinted for pick up the day of the show. Contact the Phillips Center Box Office at 352-392-ARTS (2787).

Are rush tickets available?

Rush tickets for seats in the balcony may be available for select UFPA-presented performances two hours prior to the event start time at a discounted rate. Tickets are available only at the Phillips Center or University Auditorium Box Office. There is no guarantee that rush tickets will be available for a particular event. Please plan accordingly.

What is an Affiliate?

UFPA Affiliates are those people whose financial support makes world-class programming possible in the Heart of Florida. Affiliates have the satisfaction of knowing they are part of a nationally-recognized performing arts program. UFPA has the opportunity to show our appreciation by offering benefits that will enhance your performing arts experience. All members at the Manager level and above will receive priority seating and ticketing before the public. All ticket orders are prioritized by Affiliate giving level and date received prior to public ticket sales. For more information on becoming an Affiliate, click here or call 352-273-2703.

Does UFPA recycle?

At University of Florida Performing Arts, we make every effort to be good stewards of the environment. To this effort, we have implemented the following processes:

  • Recycling of surplus printed marketing materials, including performance programs, brochures, etc.
  • Recycling of beverage containers, including cans, bottles, cups. etc from UFPA-presented events.
  • Promoting carpooling efforts through UFPA season brochure to help alleviate traffic congestion and reduce vehicle emissions during performances.


How can I share my thoughts with you after a performance?

UFPA welcomes and encourages audience feedback. To share your thoughts after a UFPA-presented performance, email your comments to the appropriate staff person.  For a complete staff listing click here.

You may also mail a letter to:

University of Florida Performing Arts
Attn: Customer Service
PO Box 112750
Gainesville, FL 32611-2750

Are there any job openings at UFPA?

For a list of job openings at University of Florida, please visit the UFPA Job Openings Page.

How do I join the mailing list?

Be the first to hear about new performances, receive special offers and more! Join UFPA’s mailing list »

Can I purchase gift certificates?

Gift certificates for any UFPA event are available in any denomination through the Phillips Center Box Office or online.

What is UFPA’s history?

UFPA was formed in September 2000 when the Phillips Center and the newly-dedicated Baughman Center united under the direction of Michael Blachly. In April 2001, University Auditorium became part of the program as well. UFPA is responsible for building administration, technical labor, staffing, business and fiduciary oversight in these three venues. UFPA presents programs in the Phillips Center, Squitieri Studio Theatre and University Auditorium.

How do I rent UFPA venues?

Click here for rental information for all UFPA venues.