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Weapons Detection Scanners 

Security measures for the Phillips Center have been enhanced, including the use of Evolv Technology weapons detection scanners. All patrons now proceed through weapons detection screening when they arrive. Thank you in advance for your understanding. For a list of prohibited items, please refer to our Security Policies page.

Q: Why is weapons detection screening required?

A: The Phillips Center, like many venues around the country, has enhanced its security measures, toward ensuring a safe environment at all events. Patron and staff safety is a top priority for the Phillips Center: the added weapons detection screening supports this priority.

Q: What can guests expect when entering the Phillips Center?
A: Patrons will proceed through a weapons detection scanner. If the scanner alerts, a patron will be directed for secondary screening, guided by the detection scanner: this may include a bag search, and scanning with a hand-held detection wand, with further review as needed.

Q: Is this like TSA at the airport?
It may seem like airport screening, but our scanner alerts to objects of potential concern rather than items like cell phones and belt buckles. Patrons need not remove their belts or empty their pockets before walking through the scanner. Please keep your shoes on and walk right through.

Q: Does this mean it’s going to take longer to enter the Phillips Center?
The Phillips Center’s scanners support easy access at a steady pace, without unusual delay. Staff always appreciate your understanding and patience.

Q: What can I do to help get into the Phillips Center quickly?
Arrive early, know which items are prohibited, and avoid bringing a bag if possible.

Q: Is the Phillips Center restricting bag sizes like at arenas and stadiums?
The Phillips Center will continue to allow bags, backpacks, and purses, as long as they are not larger than 12” x 12” x 6”. Any bags, including purses, will be subject to search for prohibited items upon entry to the Phillips Center whenever the weapons detection scanner alerts.

Q: I have a medical device that sets off metal detectors. What should I do?
Phillips Center staff are respectful and discreet. Contact the security staff at the entrance. They are ready to help you with alternative screening methods.

Q: Can I still bring a stroller through the metal detector? What about a wheelchair?
All guests are screened prior to entry. Those with strollers and those who use wheelchairs or other assistance will proceed through the same scanners, and may require an alternate screening method in addition to the standard scanner or bag search.

Q: Do your weapons detection scanners emit any electromagnetic waves that can harm me?
Evolv Technology’s weapons detection equipment in use at the Phillips Center meets or exceeds U.S. standards for scanning and electronic safety. Please see additional information in the Evolv safety document. If you have any requirements regarding a reasonable health or medical concern, please request alternate screening.

*Note: Policy is subject to change. Please check back periodically for any and all updates.

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