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Performance Discussions

Do you ever wonder how an artist was inspired to create, how they prepare for a life on the road, or about the backstories of your favorite songs or symphonies? These questions and more can be answered by attending a performance discussion.

Pre-performance discussions

Pre-performance discussions are typically held 45 minutes prior to the performance start time and feature artists, UF professors, and other community experts who will help prepare you for the artistic experience in which you are about to participate.

Post-performance discussions

Post-performance discussions are held immediately after the event, following a Q&A format. Artists and performers will answer your questions and explain the process for the creation of the work and other information that can add to your experience. Every effort is made to provide a discussion just prior to or immediately following each UFPA performance.

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If you’re interested in leading a pre-performance discussion, please contact Derek Wohlust at 352-273-2464 or email

For information regarding specific performance discussions, please refer to the individual event page or contact the Phillips Center Box Office at 352-392-2787.

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