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UFPA Safe Attendance Guidelines
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UFPA Safe Attendance Guidelines

Safe Attendance Guidelines

The University of Florida Performing Arts safe attendance plan has been guided by the University of Florida, with help from epidemiology experts at UF Health, to ensure the safety of patrons who wish to join us for the magic of live performance in our venues. We truly appreciate your patience and support while we have worked through the detailed protocols and enhanced sanitation procedures needed to ensure safe attendance of performances, talks, meetings, and other gatherings in our buildings.

Whether it’s at an in-person performance or through a live stream, we look forward to bringing moments of meaning to life with you safely. If you’d like to help, please consider making a contribution to our Intermission Fund. And in the mean time, sign up for our mailing list, visit our YouTube channel, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

Stay tuned to this page for ongoing updates to UFPA policies and procedures.

Please note, some Baughman Center policies have also changed in response to COVID-19. READ MORE »

What We’re Doing:

  • All UFPA employees on-site have been screened for COVID-19 through UF’s Screen, Test, and Protect Program
  • All UFPA staff are required to wear face coverings, practice safe hygiene routines, and maintain safe physical distancing while inside UFPA venues
  • All performance attendees/guests are required to wear a mask and practice safe physical distancing while inside UFPA venues
  • Performance locations and seating arrangements have been modified according to UF and CDC guidelines to allow for physically distant seating and the safest theatre-going experience possible. As such, all events planned for Squitieri Studio Theatre have been moved to the main hall of the Phillips Center. Additionally, the UpStage performance format has been modified to a reduced capacity
  • Our venues are cleaned and disinfected prior to every event, per UF’s enhanced cleaning standards
  • UF HVAC systems meet ASHRAE standards for air quality and safety, including stringent air filtration
  • Increased presence of hand sanitizing stations throughout the building
  • Prior to reopening, UFPA staff performed a deep cleaning of our facilities, including each theatre seat, bathrooms, all high traffic areas, touch points, and any other area that a patron may come in contact with

For more details, please visit UFPA’s Updated Policies and Procedures page.

What You Can Do:

  • Parking: When arriving at a performance, please follow signs to park in the designated parking areas, and follow any instructions given by event parking personnel
  • Follow Signage: As you approach and enter our venue, please follow the instructional signage on where to go and what to do
  • Physical Distancing: Please adhere to seating arrangements, maintain a 6ft distance between your group and other patrons, and follow any instructions from on-site personnel to ensure physical distancing while moving throughout our buildings
  • Bathrooms: Follow physical distancing guidelines while getting to and from the restrooms

FAQs & Answers:

Please see below for a few frequently asked questions regarding the safe attendance of performances and events in our venues.

Will there be performances in the spring?
Yes! UFPA will be presenting performances in the spring in any way we can. These performances could present as live, in person events, high definition live streams, or as some other new and innovative way to engage with performance. The performances that we have planned can be seen on our events page.

How will I buy tickets to performances this season?
Tickets are available for purchase on our website or by calling the Phillips Center Box Office at 352.392.2787.

Will face masks be required to attend a performance?
Yes. As with all buildings on the University of Florida campus, you will be required to wear a face mask at all times while inside a UFPA venue. This requirement will remain in effect until University of Florida guidelines state otherwise.


If you have any additional questions, please email us:

Box Office



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