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Updated Policies and Procedures

Below you will find more information about what our organization is doing to create the safest, most enjoyable theatre-going experience for everyone!

Subject to change. | Updated: 08/18/20

General Overview

The following updates to University of Florida Performing Arts policies and procedures were developed under the guidance of the University of Florida’s Reopening Plan – Fall 2020, the UF policy on Campus Events and Gatherings in Response to COVID-19, and the UF Event Planning and Safety Guide. Additional information resources include the Alachua County COVID-19 Community Resource Portal

UFPA’s safety planning has been executed in collaboration with the UF Safe Practices on Campus Task Force and the UF Event Safety Sub-Group, among others. We anticipate future revisions/updates to our policies and procedures in response to the changing context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Audience Safety

Onstage performers/participants are required to maintain a minimum 15-foot distancing from the closest audience member during each performance.

Patrons will be expected to comply with UF safety expectations. UFPA will help facilitate patron compliance. In the event of non-compliance, staff will act within UF’s 3-Tier Protocol: first, by UFPA ushers or security staff providing a reminder; second by a supervisor or manager providing a warning if needed; and third, through removal by a manager, with UF Police support if necessary.

We will send all patrons messaging prior to each performance. This will include information such as what to expect in the event experience, and what is expected of patrons. Patrons should attend to health awareness and self-screening, and refrain from attending if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or ill health. Patrons should be aware of heightened vulnerabilities to COVID-19 illness. Patrons will be expected to attend to hand hygiene, face covering, and 6-foot distancing, unless they have a medical exemption.

Patrons unable to attend performances in person will be able to purchase access to live-streamed simulcasts.

Venue capacities will be significantly reduced, to ensure 6-foot distancing (usually to about 25% of standard allowable capacity). In the Phillips Center main hall, seating will be reserved for pairs of seats with 6-foot distancing between each pair. For UpStage performances, tables will be seated with 2 chairs only and will be set to maintain at least 6-foot distancing, tablecloths for UpStage tables will be replaced between performances, and all tablecloths will be laundered between performance days.

Tickets will be available for purchase in person at the Phillips Center Box Office, though purchasing via phone or online is encouraged. Tickets may be received via mail, picked up at Box Office Will Call, or printed by patrons at home. Use of Box Office exterior teller windows will be prioritized for in-person purchases/pick up. A wheelchair-accessible window will remain available inside the Phillips Center lobby.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available in the Cultural Plaza parking garage, at the elevators, exits, and throughout the Phillips Center. Greeters will be assigned to assist with questions. UFPA cleaning staff will be active, and visible to patrons.

Ticket scanning stations will be placed at the front main entrances, prioritizing the three eastern-most front entrances. Ticket takers will scan tickets, from behind clear acrylic panels provided at (interior) scanning stations for added safety.

Doors will open early for seating, preferably 60-minutes-pre-performance when possible. Patrons will not be able to be seated once the performance begins, nor will they be able to exit the performance hall and re-enter during a performance.

Assistive Listening Devices will continue to be available in the Phillips Center Reception Office, with disposable ear pads, and sanitizing supplies and procedures.

Ushers will manage restroom lines pre-performance to support 6-foot distancing. In each restroom, every other fixture will be out of service to promote distancing. There will be no intermission.

Staff and Volunteer Safety

Before returning to work and/or volunteer duties, all UFPA employees and volunteers must be cleared by UF’s Screen-Test-Protect program. Per UF guidance, UFPA employees and volunteers must stay home when sick, or whenever there is any personal reason to quarantine. 

All work areas (touch/contact points, work surfaces, floors) are cleaned and disinfected: daily (prior to all events), during event break intervals if appropriate, and following events. Shared equipment (e.g. phones, computer keyboards, microphones, intercom headsets, control consoles) are sanitized between users – for example, a microphone must not be used by one person after another without sanitizing in between; additional equipment will be utilized if there is no time to sanitize between users.

Rental Performance Safety

The UFPA-assigned coordinator, on-site supervisors, and venue managers for all events will ensure COVID-19 safety awareness and compliance, with oversight from the UFPA COVID-19 Safety Coordinator. Event planners will include a review of their safety planning for COVID-19 in their advance production planning with UFPA venue staff. COVID-19 safety awareness must include an assessment of the current risk context informed by current updates from the University of Florida, Alachua County, and the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool.

Planners for all UFPA-presented and venue-rental events are required to attend to expectations for health awareness, self-screening, hand hygiene, face coverings, 6-foot distancing, rosters for occupants, reduced venue capacities, performance protocols, and event safety procedures. All event planners for events in UFPA venues are required to follow UFPA’s Reopening Plan and the UF Event Planning and Safety Guide for COVID-19. UFPA venue managers will ensure the distribution and use of the guide to event organizers and will confirm that event organizers follow its directions. In general, the guide outlines an event planner’s responsibilities for implementing safety measures for their event, as outlined in UFPA’s Reopening Plan, the University of Florida’s Policy for Campus Events and Gatherings, and other resources.

Backstage/Onstage Safety

Backstage access is authorized only for performers/participants and essential staff necessary to support the performance. No guests, visitors, observers, or any other non-essential personnel are allowed backstage. Daily rosters of all visiting facility occupants will be maintained, with assistance from visiting event or company managers, listing each occupant’s name, email, and primary phone number. This will allow for contact tracing to take place in the event of a possible COVID-19-positive occupant in our venue(s).

All visiting participants and essential staff must wash/sanitize hands, wear face coverings, and maintain 6-foot distancing wherever practical. For some activities and for some genres of performance, 6-foot distancing and use of face masks may not be possible onstage while engaged in rehearsal and performance.

All work areas backstage and onstage (touch/contact points, work surfaces, floors) are to be cleaned and disinfected: daily (prior to events), as needed during break intervals, between events on multi-event days, and following events.


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