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AIM Together

AIM Together represents a groundbreaking partnership between University of Florida Performing Arts (UFPA) and Shands Arts in Medicine (AIM) in Gainesville, Florida. This project brings world-class performing artists from UFPA’s season into health care settings to provide performances and interactive arts events to individuals who, due to illness, age, disability and challenging socio-economic and geographic circumstances have little or no access to the arts.

AIM Together’s goals are:

  • To bring world-class professional arts performances as well as opportunities for active participation in the arts to health care settings;
  • To provide people living with illness, disability and socio-economic challenges with opportunities to discover, explore and develop creative, expressive and artistic abilities;
  • To serve as a model for excellence in accessible arts programming for underserved audiences and for partnerships between the performing arts and health care.

Enriching the lives of patients

AIM Together residencies bring inspiring artists and cultural experiences to hospitalized patients in a variety of non-traditional settings such as public spaces in hospitals, patient care areas including waiting and family rooms and hallways, and the patient bedside. Patients of all ages have opportunities to enjoy performances and experience personal and meaningful interactions with world-class artists in music, dance, and theater. The artists work to stimulate and engage the minds of patients, their families, and medical caregivers through the arts, in order to better heal the body.

Enriching the lives of artists

Breaking the standard “fourth wall” in performance, AIM Together artists experience new levels of performance and audience interaction with children and adults of all ages and medical conditions. The AIM Together programs have demonstrated a concern for arts access within the national touring artists community and have provided artists with opportunities to bring deeper meaning to their work. Willing to take a challenge by reaching out beyond their comfort zone, artists in turn learn the humbling powers and deep emotions brought about by their presence and use of the arts as a healing tool. Artists who have participated in the projects have been profoundly affected by their experiences, and are now seeking and creating similar opportunities across the nation and in their home communities.

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