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UFPA Driveway Theatre Project

UFPA Announces the Driveway Theatre Project

With the Driveway Theatre Project (DTP), we’re bringing a new kind of block party to neighborhoods throughout Greater Gainesville!

The way it works is simple: UFPA teams up with community members like you to bring together friends and neighbors around a performance in driveways, backyards, community centers, and even places of business. You provide the space and invite the people, we provide the magic of performance. Whether it’s bringing actors, musicians, dancers, or all three, we will work with you to figure out the most appropriate performance type for your gathering.

The DTP will be an effort that meets people where they are both geographically and socially, providing performances at no cost and removing many of the boundaries that hinder folks from attending performances inside our venues. But providing no cost performances and removing these boundaries is a serious undertaking, and to realize the full potential of DTP we will need your support.

To us, success would entail DTP performances taking place at homes and community centers across Gainesville’s east, west, north, south, and in surrounding communities. Further, relevance is key to DTP success. These events need to marry fun, the social glue of performance, and historical context into the experience. UFPA’s audiences are varied, and so too should be the Driveway Theatre Project’s.

We believe that with your help, we can grow DTP into an initiative that garners national notoriety and potential major foundation funding. Engagement with our surrounding community has always been a priority at UFPA, but this project would take things to a new level.

We expect to begin to pilot this program this spring with a few initial performances and increase the number of performances over time. Audiences will be expected to follow safe attendance guidelines in place at the time of the performance.

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