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Richard Kogan

Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Ticket Price: $35
Live Stream: $15
*Please note: Dates, times, and venues subject to change.
Sponsored by :  Oak Hammock at the University of Florida   |   UF Health

Dr. Richard Kogan excels at two of the world’s most complicated and nuanced professions. He’s not only a concert pianist, but he’s also a clinical psychiatrist earning degrees from both Juilliard and Harvard Medical School. After witnessing these talents alongside his masterful gift for storytelling at Squitieri Studio Theatre in 2019, we knew we had to bring him back to Gainesville as soon as possible.

Over two nights, Dr. Kogan will perform two lecture-recitals, each diving deep into the minds and music of two great composers: Chopin and Schumann.

“The Mind and Music of Chopin”
This piece examines how psychological forces influenced the creative output of Frederic Chopin, as well as the great Polish composer’s exile from his beloved homeland, his chronic pulmonary disease, and his tempestuous relationship with the novelist George Sand. The discussion will be illuminated by piano performances of Chopin masterpieces including polonaises, mazurkas, ballades and preludes.

“Schumann: Music, Mood Swings, and Madness”

The German composer Robert Schumann endured a lifelong struggle with mental illness. Dr. Kogan explores how the racing thoughts, flight of ideas, and sharpened imagination of Schumann’s hypomanic states induced prodigious bursts of creativity until the onset of psychosis led to his tragic final years in an insane asylum.

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