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Lil Buck and Jon Boogz: Love Heals All Wounds

Lil Buck and Jon Boogz: Love Heals All Wounds

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Tickets go on sale July 22 at noon

Lil buck and Jon Boogz don’t identify with the title “hip-hop dancers.” They prefer to be called movement artists. You could be forgiven for thinking the dancing Lil Buck and Jon Boogz do is computer-generated; it seems impossible for the human body to move in such a way.

Buck and Boogz share an uncanny instinct enabling them to switch up their movements’ style and speed, transitioning from fluid and floating to rigid and precise in manners that are both impressive and seemingly effortless at the same time. Playing off of each other, as well as their environments, they produce holistic performances that few can rival.

But it’s not just their amazing technical skill that has captivated audiences. For them, dance is about social consciousness, it’s about affecting change, tearing down walls of division, and fostering a more connected and empathetic society. Their works have tackled issues regarding criminal justice reform, the effects of climate change, and mass shootings.

Possibly their best known collaboration, “Color of Reality,” received broad critical acclaim for its stunning visuals and powerful message. Written and directed by Boogz with art by visual artist, Alexa Meade, the short film explores the pain and sorrow inflicted by the violence in society. Channeling the frustrations intrinsically linked to these controversial subjects, these movement artists offer messages of hope in a compelling format we don’t often see.

Together, Lil Buck and Jon Boogz have founded Movement Art Is, a nonprofit organization in which dance is used to inspire positive change and empower those in the dance community to challenge themselves artistically. This speaks volumes on their dedication to making an impact on the world as well as the art form. Embarking on this journey together, the duo is breaking ground for the next wave of movement artists looking to redefine contemporary dance.

Letting their movements speak louder than words can, they’re finding a way to go beyond simply pointing out the problems facing humanity, they’re looking for solutions.



Tuesday, March 20 at 7:30 PM

Phillips Center »

3201 Hull Road
Gainesville, FL 32611

Pit/Orchestra A-P $35
Mezzanine  $35
Lower Boxes $35
Rear Orchestra Q-Z $25
Upper Boxes $25
Balcony $20
UF Students $10