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Complexions Contemporary Ballet: Star Dust

Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Thursday, January 31, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.

Phillips Center3201 Hull Rd, Gainesville, FL 32611

Orchestra A-P | $40
Mezzanine / Lower Boxes | $40
Orchestra Q-Z / Upper Boxes | $30
Balcony | $25
UF Students | $10

This performance has one intermission

Tickets on sale
June 23 at noon



Combining technical precision, power, and passion, Complexions Contemporary Ballet transcends tradition in a groundbreaking mix of styles ranging from ballet to hip-hop. Founded by former members of Alvin Ailey, Desmond Richardson, and Dwight Rhoden, the company has been featured several times on the hit show So You Think You Can Dance; this season the company brings an exhilarating program set to music from Bach to Bowie to the Phillips Center. Rhoden’s new hot and raw finale tribute, Star Dust, is a love letter to David Bowie. It takes an array of Bowie’s hits and lays a visual imprint to create a rock-inspired ballet in his honor.


(World Premiere April 2018 – Arcata, CA)

Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden
Music by: Johann Sebastian Bach
Lighting Design: Michael Korsch
Costumes Design by: Christine Darch
Performed by: The Company

Program Note:
Reverence, Celebration, Moxie


(World Premiere May 2016/ Detroit, MI)
A Ballet Tribute to David Bowie

Choreography by: Dwight Rhoden
Music by: David Bowie
Costumes by: Christine Darch
Lighting and Set Design by: Michael Korsch
Performed by: The Company

I.  LAZARUS (Blackstar album 2016)
Brandon Gray & The Company

II.  CHANGES (Hunky Dory album 1971)
Craig Dionne & The Company

III. LIFE ON MARS (Hunky Dory album 1971)
Jared Brunson & The Company

IV.  SPACE ODDITY (Space Oddity album 1969)
Maxfield Haynes & The Company

V.  1984 (Diamond Dogs album 1974)
Tim Stickney & The Company

VI.  HEROES (Heroes album 1977)
Sung by Peter Gabriel
Jillian Davis, Craig Dionne, Brandon Gray, Shanna Irwin, Miguel Solano

VII.  MODERN LOVE (Let’s Dance album 1983)
The Company

VIII.  ROCK AND ROLL SUICIDE (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars album 1972)
Simon Plant & The Company

IX.  YOUNG AMERICANS (Young Americans album 1975)
The Company

STAR DUST is the first installment of a full evening length Ballet tribute to the genre bending innovation of one of the prolific Rock Stars of our time – DAVID BOWIE.  This Ballet takes an array of his hits and lays a visual imprint, inspired by his unique personas and his restless invention artistically – to create a Rock Opera style production in his honor.  With Bowie’s 40+ year career and 25 Albums, that stretch across musical borders – STAR DUST pays homage to the iconic and Chameleonic spirit of what can only be described as… BOWIE.
* STAR DUST was generously commissioned by Detroit’s Music Hall
Special Thanks to Vince Paul