UFPA Visitor Guidelines

University of Florida Performing Arts Patron Guide

Welcome to the University of Florida Performing Arts Patrons Guide! Whether it’s your first visit with us or your 50th, the University of Florida Performing Arts Patrons Guide will enhance your experience.

What is University of Florida Performing Arts?

University of Florida Performing Arts (UFPA) was formed in September 2000 when the Phillips Center and the newly-dedicated Baughman Center were united under the direction of Michael Blachly. In April 2001, University Auditorium became part of the program as well. UFPA is responsible for building administration, technical labor, staffing, business and fiduciary oversight in these three venues.

Dressing up – or not – for a UFPA performance

There is no set dress code for performances at any of UFPA’s venues.  The dress code among patrons varies from jeans to suits and gowns.  Admittance will be denied to anyone not wearing a shirt and shoes; other than that, we suggest you dress in what you find comfortable.  When in doubt about what to wear, business casual is a good choice.

What is Will Call?

“Will Call” is the term used for tickets purchased in advance that are picked up just prior to the performance.  There is a sign above one of the box office windows at the Phillips Center designating it as the Will Call only line.  If you are picking up your tickets from Will Call, this is the line you’ll need to be in.  If you are buying tickets, you will need to use the regular (non-Will Call) windows.

Arrival Times and Parking Options

We recommend that you plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance start time.  This should allow you adequate time to park your car and enter the performance hall, where you can purchase refreshments, or take care of any other business you might have before the show.



University of Florida Performing Arts offers parking for each of its venues:

Phillips Center for the Performing Arts:

Parking is available in the parking garage and surface lots at the University of Florida Cultural Plaza. ADA-accessible parking is available on the south side of the parking garage, on the first level of the garage and in the parking lot adjacent to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Performance Sponsors and Affiliates at the Star Level and above can enjoy special, priority parking.  Please be sure to display your Star parking pass on your rearview mirror in order to gain access to the Star parking area.

Squitieri Studio Theatre:

The Squitieri Studio Theatre is located inside the Phillips Center (just off the Main Lobby) and the same parking as above is available for patrons of the Squitieri Studio Theatre.

University Auditorium:

University Auditorium is located at the corner of Union and Newell Drive, next to Century Tower on the University of Florida campus. Easy and ample parking is available in the parking garage at Newell Drive and Museum Road off SW 13th Street (400 yards from the auditorium). Additional parking may be available on campus at Union Road off SW 13th Street (200 yards from the Auditorium). ADA-accessible parking for University Auditorium is available in the parking lots.

University of Florida now offers the Gotcha Ride Shuttle – a free parking shuttle service. For all UFPA-sponsored performances at the University Auditorium, shuttles run one hour prior to the start of the performance, and for 30 minutes following the end of the performance. The Gotcha Ride parking shuttle runs along Newell Drive, picking up at the northwest corner of the parking garage at Newell Drive and Museum Road, and dropping off at the West entrance of University Auditorium.

Members of on our e-mail distribution receive regular updates about parking issues or changes.  When UFPA expects a near-capacity audience, e-mail club members are alerted and asked to arrive a little earlier than normal to ease parking and traffic concerns.

Late Seating

Please allow ample time for travel and parking prior to performances. Lobby doors open two hours prior to performance times. Theatre doors open 30 minutes prior to performance time. UFPA recommends that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance start time. Late arrivals are distracting to the artists and fellow audience members. Latecomers will be seated by ushers as soon as possible and in accordance with contractually binding artists’ preferences.  Please note that this may result in missing a portion of the performance.  Please plan to arrive early to avoid late seating issues.

Leaving a Performance Before It’s Over

Leaving during a performance is disruptive to the performers and other patrons; therefore, we suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the performance start time so that you have plenty of time to park and take care of any necessary business prior to the performance. 

We also understand that sometimes leaving a performance is unavoidable.  If you do need to leave, we ask that you try to exit during a point in the performance when movement would cause a minimal distraction (such as during the applause at the end of a song or between songs).  Exit as quickly and quietly as possible through the same doors as the ones you entered.  If you need medical assistance, please contact a UFPA usher.  You may not be allowed to re-enter the performance hall if you do leave.  However, if you can and do choose to re-enter, please enter when movement would cause a minimal distraction (such as during the applause at the end of a song or between songs). 

How long is the performance?

In general, most performances last approximately two hours, with intermission. 

Why is there an intermission and what should I do?

Intermissions allow the performers and the audience to take a break.  Not all performances will have intermissions.  During the intermission, you can do whatever you’d like – stay in your seat and talk with your fellow patrons, use the facilities or get a snack at the concessions area.  There are no rules about how to spend your intermission – just be sure you’re back in your seat before the house lights go back down so you don’t miss the end of the show!  Lobby lights will flash on and off to signal that it’s time to return to the performance hall for the continuation of the performance.

Performance Sponsors and Affiliates at the Star Level and above can enjoy special receptions during the intermission.  Receptions are typically held in one of the Fackler Foyers and include complimentary beverages.  For more information on becoming an Affiliate or Performance Sponsor, please visit our Support section.

What is an encore?  Do I have to stay?

During an encore, the artist(s) will perform an additional piece of music that is not on the regular program.  The audience will “request” an encore through extended applause and/or a standing ovation.  It is perfectly acceptable to leave before the encore, but if you do leave, please exit before the encore begins (while the audience is still clapping).

When should I clap?

Generally speaking, seasoned audiences applaud at the end of an entire work. In the case of a concerto, for example, applaud at the very end after all the movements have been performed, rather than between movements or after a cadenza. In a performance of a full symphony or a string quartet, applaud at the end of the entire work, rather than between movements. In a song recital, note that the performer often groups songs together and will finish the entire group before expecting applause.

Remember that enthusiastic applause is certainly appropriate is you enjoyed the performance, but applause can also be appropriate if a performance wasn’t to your liking. Realizing that the artists and performers typically put their heart and soul into their performances might make it easier to applaud politely even if a particular composition is not to your particular taste.

Electronic Devices and Their Use

Cameras and recording devices are not permitted in the performance halls.  Patrons with these items will be asked to check them at the reception office in the lobby or return the items to their cars.  Violators of this policy are subject to removal and will be required to erase/delete any recorded material or photographs.

Please remember to turn off all cellular phones, pagers and electronic watch alarms before entering the theater. 

Out of consideration for other audience members and the performances, texting during the performance is not permitted as the lighted phone displays are very distracting.  Please save this activity for after the show.

Can I eat and drink in the performance hall?

Food and drinks are not allowed in any UFPA venue.

Is there some way I can share my thoughts after a performance, or find out what others thought about it?

University of Florida Performing Arts welcomes and encourages audience feedback.  To share your thoughts after a performance, send us a comment

What is a pre-performance or post-performance discussion?

Pre- and post-performance discussions are an opportunity for our audience members to learn more about a particular artist or performance.  Pre-performance discussions are usually held at 6:45 p.m. for 7:30 p.m. performances and one hour prior to the performance start time for other performances.  Post-performance discussions are held immediately following the show.  Not all performances will have pre- or post-performance discussions.  Member of the UFPA e-mail club will receive a pre-performance e-mail a few days prior to the performance date with details about performance discussions.  This information is also posted on the UFPA web site.

Can I bring children?

UFPA is proud to present several events that children will love as much as adults.  Children age 3 and older are welcome at most events.  Each child, regardless of age, must have a ticket and be able to sit quietly in their seat throughout the performance.  Those unable to do so, along with the adult accompanying them, will be asked by an usher to leave the hall.

For a list of family friendly performances, please visit the UFPA web site at www.performingarts.ufl.edu/genres/family.  When in doubt about the age appropriateness of a particular event, please call the Phillips Center Box Office at 352-392-ARTS (2787).

UF is a Tobacco-Free Campus

tfc_logo2-copy.jpgTo promote the health and well-being of faculty, staff, and students, the University of Florida will be a tobacco-free campus effective July 1, 2010. The use of cigarettes or other tobacco products in UF buildings, parking lots, or in vehicles in these areas will be prohibited. This includes all UFPA venues: the Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, University Auditorium and the Baughman Center.